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We Provide Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning Service To All Clifton Homes And Businesses!

Every air conditioner split system consists of an indoor and outdoor unit with each complementing the other. The outdoor component works like a furnace while the indoor part is the cooler that works to keep cool air circulating inside the room or office. The AC extracts the hot air internally to the external and allow the cool air to circulate instead.

Are you looking for a local hvac contractor to install a split AC system in your home? Then you are in the right place. We’ve a high record of successful mini split systems project including; installations, repairs and replacements. We work on ductless units for both heating and cooling the ductless ac installation process covers electrical parts, mounted brackets, installation supplies and others. Call us today for more details.

Ductless HVAC Is the Way To Go For Small Spaces Cooling, Effective And Economic

The ductless split system is the best choice if you need a new AC system for your office or home as its efficiency creates a cool and comfortable environment for everyone in the home and office. Depending on your needs at a particular time, it can heat or cool your home with the temperature that’s convenient for all. Its indoor unit is usually wall mounted to provide cooling that circulates in the home.

Regular proper maintenance is a major reason for an extended life span of a split air conditioning unit. So the preventive maintenance and regular tune up of your ac unit is highly recommended at all times. Proper and yearly maintenance is the only way to ensure system durability, and best performance for a long time.

We’ll advise you on the model of split AC system that best fits your home, while keeping the whole installation within budget. The system we’ll select for your home will be efficient and durable. We’ll provide as after sale and installation the necessary support service, warranty.

So if you need a ductless ac system repair or replacement or a new unit installation for your Clifton home or office, please feel free to contact us today for a Free Estimate.